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Imagine a world where every child has unlimited access to high quality, relevant, world-class educational resources. What opportunities would they create for themselves and for others?

About Soma

Soma provides access to high quality, relevant, world-class educational tools and resources to anyone, anywhere, anytime. We are the creators of the Soma Academic Platform that contains content from world class educational websites as well as content created exclusively for Soma. The platform is hosted on our affordable, offline content server, allowing you access to the platform at home and in schools without an internet connection.

How Soma Works

High schools

Produce A+ Students

With Soma, your students won't just excel in their KCSE exams - they will be well prepared for excellence after school. In addition to KCSE revision material that has been specially curated for your students, our academic platform has content that will equip your students with skills such as coding, engineering, and robotics - preparing them for the modern digital economy.


Your child deserves the very best

Your child will have access to content and revision material that will properly prepare them for KCPE and KCSE. With Soma, your child will also learn important skills such as personal finance management. For all your child's educational needs, we've got you covered.


Learn anything, offline

Build a deep, solid understanding of various topics. Practice and perfect your subjects/courses. Explore and learn more about topics you enjoy but are not necessarily taught in school. Gain practical knowledge that connects what you're learning with the future. Do all this from your computer/mobile phone.


Soma is an educational company that provides access to high quality, world-class educational material without the need of an internet connection. We are the creators of the Soma Learning Platform, which is hosted exclusively on the Soma Server. Our mission? To eventually transform what we learn and how we learn it.

The Soma Academic Platform is an offlineweb application that contains content that has been created by Soma, as well as content that has been carefully curated from various online educational websites. To ensure that the content is relevant and specific to our users, we have different versions of the platform for different user groups, depending on age and education level. For example, a learner between the ages of 7-14 will gain access to educational tools and resources that will help them prepare for their KCPE examinations, while a high school student will access content that helps them prepare for their KCSE examinations. All versions of the Soma Academic Platform contain content that is non-specific to age or educational level. This includes content that equips the learner with personal finance management skills, computing and information technology skills, robotics, medicine, engineering concepts e.t.c

A soma server is a small electronic device hosts the Soma Academic Platform, allowing you to access the content without the need of an internet connection.

To access the Soma Academic Platform, you will need a Soma Server. You can buy a Soma Server at one of our partner outlets anywhere in Kenya. The server will allow you to access the platform with on your device (a computer, a tablet, a mobile phone) without the need of an internet connection. To access the platform:

  1. Buy a content server from one of our Soma bookshop partners
  2. Power the server using the provided power adapter
  3. Connect to the Soma wifi signal using your device
  4. After connecting to the ‘soma offline’ wifi signal, open your favourite browser and type ’’, then press enter.
Having trouble connecting? Please refer to the manual provided in the packaging. If you are still unable to connect, please send us an email at support@somaoffline.com

You can purchase a server from one of the soma distribution partners listed below:

  • African Book Hub
  • Fincom Technologies Limited
We will regularly update this list as we expand our distribution partners network. If you are unable to visit any of our partners, please contact us to place an order and we will deliver a soma server to your doorstep.

All wifi enabled devices are able to access the Soma Academic Platform.

Having relevant content for the modern world is our priority, and it forms the core of our mission. Our top most goal is to provide content that is not only useful to know, but is relevant now and in the future. To this end, we work extremely hard to ensure our the content on the server is regularly updated to match the educational needs of our evolving world. We update the Soma Academic Platform every six months, adding onto it valuable and relevant content while getting rid of the outdated content, content that is no longer useful. To access the latest version of the server, please visit your nearest distribution partner, or visit to our online portal to download the updates directly to your server.

Yes. While our goal has been to build a platform that meets all your child’s educational needs, we realize that every child is different and may thus need / want access to resources that are not yet available on the platform. These resources may be from other creators or publishers. The good news is, you can now access content from other creators / publishers. To access content from other creators or publishers, simply buy the content in form of a Soma SD card from one of our distributing partners, and insert it to the server. Then, following the steps highlighted in the instructional video above, connect to the server to access the content

Yes, you certainly can! At the moment, you can use alternative sources of power such as a power bank. We are now developing a solar power enabled server, for we believe this will significantly increase access to the Soma Academic Platform. Please sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of the page and we will update you once we launch Solar Powered Soma Server!

Yes. When you purchase a new Soma Server from one of our distribution partners, you will receive a 12 month warranty on the server. The same applies to all servers purchased directly from us.

As we expand and grow, we strive to ensure that wherever you are able to buy a content server wherever you are. To this end, we have partnered with distribution partners. Our distribution partners are ideally bookshops and electronic shops that stock the Soma Servers, so that you are able to easily purchase a Soma Server / Soma Content with ease. Below is a list of all current Soma Distribution Partners:

  1. African Book Hub
  2. Fincom Technologies Limited
We will regularly update this list as we expand our distribution partners network. If you are interested in becoming a distribution partner, please fill this form and we will get in touch.

The Team

Shinina Muthiora

Shinina is currently an Electrical Engineering student, specializing in the biomedical option at the University of British Columbia. She is interested in using the knowledge she has gained, to impact communities, through education, leadership, and technology. Shinina is incharge of Marketing, legal and compliance at Soma.
E: shinina.muthiora@somaoffline.com

Mathew Bushuru

Mathew is an electrical engineering student at the University of British Columbia. Mathew is passionate about improving education in marginalized communities and creating healthier and sustainable sources of energy for people in his community. Mathew is incharge of content acquisition and software development at Soma.

Moses Kirathe

Moses is a Business and Computer Science student at the University of British Columbia. He is passionate about technology and education, and he seeks ways in which the two fields can be merged in order to provide access to valuable, relevant, high-quality education. Moses is incharge of operations and software development at Soma.
E: moses.kirathe@somaoffline.com


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